Employer Opportunities

Why Hire Our Grads

Adults with autism tend to be very engaged and dedicated employees who contain intrinsic characteristics such as attention to detail, fascination for repetitive tasks, and introversion. In recent years, there has been an influx of research proving that adults with autism and Asperger’s Syndrome tend to thrive at software development related professions. As a result many technology companies such as Microsoft and SAP have implemented autism hiring initiatives to hire experienced software developers on the autism spectrum.

By training adults with autism through our autism specialized coding immersive program, we are opening doors for companies to diversity their work forces, broaden the culture of their company and teams, and drive innovation within their operations.

Creating Autism Friendly Workplaces

In order for employees with autism to maximize their highest potential within the workforce, employers need to be conscientious of how their work environment and onboarding structures apply to adults with autism. Whether it is Coding Autism’s educational facilities or the work environments of hiring companies, Coding Autism helps create autism friendly work environments and onboarding structures that are suitable for both the employee with autism and their employer.


Although there has been a trend of companies implementing autism hiring initiatives, there are still an exorbiant amount of companies who are still unaware of the perks of hiring trained autistic employees. Coding Autism has a consultation team that works with companies to help streamline the onboarding process for autistic employees, develop autism hiring initiatives and recruiting procedures within companies, and advise human resources and diversity and inclusion specialists on the benefits of hiring adults with autism.

Corporate Partnerships

Through Coding Autism’s corporate partnership division, Coding Autism partners with companies who contain formal autism hiring initiatives or have expressed interest in developing an autism hiring initiative within their business. By partnering with Coding Autism, companies will be provided with consultation opportunities, direct access to Coding Autism graduates, have accessibility to Coding Autism’s proprietary job board, and scholarship opportunities.

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