In-Person Coding and Social Skills Certificate Program
Coming Summer 2018
IQ + EQ = Success
Technical Skills
Soft Skills
  • Our premiere coding bootcamp. This is a full-time course where students will be learning the fundamental skills necessary to secure an entry-level web developer job. We cover both front-end and back-end skills, and fully integrate them with social and career skills training. By the end of the course, students will walk away with a portfolio of full-stack web applications which they can use when applying to their first developer jobs.
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Online Coding and Social Skills for Beginners
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visual storytelling
  • Do you have a story to tell? The Coding Autism Storytelling Coding and Social Skills Club is your chance to bring your stories to life on the computer and share them with others. Develop characters and dialogue, build intriguing plots, and use computer-generated effects to add excitement, mystery, and interactivity to your stories. In this club, you'll combine classic elements of storytelling, like characterization, premise, dialogue, and setting, with computer programming. Your audience won't just read these stories – they'll experience them.
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